I help Busy Entrepreneurs & Professionals with ADHD or Focus Issues Gain More Clarity & Productivity… 

Hi I’m Nathan.

I want to help you to reach your goals.

Do you have challenges with…

  • Overthinking?
  • Not Being Present/Mindful?
  • Getting things done and staying productive?

Do you want to…

  • Feel more relaxed, more peaceful, less stress
  • Be more inspired, motivated
  • Get life back on track, with more consistency and structure

If this sounds good to you, let’s see if it’s a good fit to work together!

Me, coaching via Skype from Bali, Indonesia 🙂

What Others Are Saying About Working With Me

What others are saying


“Nathan is an excellent coach, very knowledgeable and caring and a great listener! You will learn all kinds of things with him even if you did not ask of it as his memory is incredible and he can point to different resources you can use in a snap!
Nathan was so very kind and responsive, even when I asked different questions that were outside of the goal that we worked on together as well. He encouraged me to view the different problems I was pondering with a different perspective, and he was very thorough in his responses! He was very clear and upfront in regards to his schedule.
A tip: Ask Nathan about his book recommendations for you, he will definitely have plenty. 🙂
Nathan is the definite experienced go-to for meditation, mindfulness, natural ADD and ADHD management, and writing 🙂 ”


“Nathan was the first coach I hired on Coach.me and it was more of an experiment to me with no big expectation on my side. But he managed to change my attitude in the first couple of days and it was extremely helpful.
I was struggling with a lack of focus and didn’t know what might help me – regular meditation practice just didn’t seem to work for me before and I felt like a nothing would help me. But Nathan introduced me to a few techniques I didn’t know about or just didn’t consider before. And it worked to my surprise. He was able to understand my case and apply relevant practices that were helpful to me.
Nathan is an easygoing and insightful coach and I definitely recommend him to everyone who is struggling with a lack of focus, ADHD or simply want to start or continue meditation practice.”


“Nathan is a very professional coach and he is really determined to work with you hard. Only with him, I felt that individual approach that I needed. I never received prepared in advance abstract text messages, but only clear responses, suggestions and ideas on how to make me really do what I am supposed to do. And although we have started to work on meditation (with Nathan I finally turned it into a habit), he gave me lots of other suggestions on health, work, languages, and many others at the same time.
I totally recommend Nathan, he is a great and competent coach.”

200+ Clients from Around the World

I've had the privilege of working with 200+ people from around the world on their goals and challenges.    I want you to know that you aren't alone in your struggle, if they can get results so can you!

Ready to get started?

When you are ready to take action, it's important to move on it before life gets in the way.   I'll be happy to help answer any questions you may have about working with me or what's included in the various packages.

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