Struggling with overwhelm, clarity or direction?

Hi! I'm Nathan

I help busy entrepreneurs & professionals with ADHD or focus challenges.


What it's like working with me...

Nathan goes above and beyond to help in any way possible. Every time. 

-Evelyn F.

He gave me a great boost in motivation and sky-rocketed my confidence that I could do it.

He is gentle, kind, insightful and nonjudgmental – the perfect combination for someone who needs help during a hard time in their life.

- Al B.

Nathan is the real deal. The full package. He has the ability to zoom from macro to micro issues seamlessly and offer sound & strategic guidance at any level. What an amazing session. Just what the doctor ordered.

- Greg W.

He has a great way of seeing things from a different perspective and really gives you the ability to open your mind and steering clear of tunnel vision. Would highly recommend!

-Jayde S

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