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Hi, I’m Nathan. I’m an optimist who loves to solve problems especially for others, and even more when that problem seems unsolvable – nothing sets my mind going like a challenge. Like the time I met a guy running someone else’s business for peanuts, when he had the skills to be running his own show — how do I know that? Less than a year later, he’s doing it. And there’s no looking back. Sometimes that challenge is just ourselves, getting out of our own way!

Realizing my ADHD late in life put a whole mess of things in perspective for me personally, and I want to help others do the same with their challenges. Sure, I’m still easily distractable – but I’ve found a way to make it work for me (and those around me too) by sharing the things I learns on my excursions.

When you don’t find me reading or meditating, you’ll just as likely find me scouring Product Hunt for new tools to hack my life or work (like BookVibe to harness my twitter feed for recommended books or InsightTimer for some meditation goodness).

A collaboration consultant by day with my software development ( lifestyle) business ActiveLabs, working with respected Colleges & Universities, Small Businesses and even a city. I spend my free time learning and growing with my wife slash business partner Sherice. Where in the world we are depends on the time of year, if it’s cold in the Northern Hemisphere it’s most likely Chiang Mai, Thailand or somewhere in south east asia.

With no kids in the plans, it’s a dream come true to coach and mentor others to go after their dreams and take the focus off their fears. Whether younger or older, I see them as my proverbial offspring growing up to share their stories and adventures with me along the way so we can celebrate together. I’d love to help you too — find that inner strength, silence that critic or just get out of your own way!

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