Bribe Your Way to Productivity

Bribe Your Way to Productivity

By Nathan Sudds

I’m writing this post now, not because I “wanted to” (read: felt like it) but because I chose to reward myself — instead of just doing what I “wanted to do” — and it feels so good.

I had just put my favorite binaural beats on and was about to lay back with a good book and read — then I had the thought, I don’t want to miss writing today and this is exactly how that procrastination happens.

I thought back to the last time I procrastinated; when procrastination hits, that goal becomes a pinball. Falling downwards …read more

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Anxiety as a Service

Anxiety as a Service

By Nathan Sudds

The feeling was like an alert that something very wrong was going to happen, imminent doom was on the way if I didn’t in some Macgyver-like fashion find the solution to my catastrophic situation.

Have you always thought about anxiety as a negative?

It’s that thing that interrupts your life and makes things more tense and difficult, maybe even paralysing. I used to wake up every morning with this feeling I like to call “impending doom” and then I’d go directly into panic mode jumping up to work on whatever was on my mind.

The feeling was like an alert that something very …read more

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How to Ask Useful Questions

By Nathan Sudds

“Asking useful questions is a skill, and it requires practice.” – Josh Kaufman

When it comes to leveling up your soft skills, it pays to improve on things you’ll use often — a good example is asking questions. Josh Kaufman, the author of Personal MBA and The First 20 Hours – How to Learn Anything… Fast! had a great post recently on Asking Useful Questions. …read more

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Get Things Done with Dubstep

By Nathan Sudds

If you love or hate dubstep it doesn’t matter – but here’s the thing, you might just get more done with it playing in the background. For me, not just any upbeat music will do, I need something with a fast or inspiring pace and more importantly not a lot of words so my focus will stay on what I’m trying to get done – not the lyrics!

“…[dubstep] gives the work I’m doing a sense of urgency and speeds me along through the task at hand!”

Cleaning up your inbox, writing a post, closing out tasks in your project management system …read more

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