I help Busy Entrepreneurs & Professionals with ADHD or Focus Issues Gain More Clarity & Productivity… 

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Whatever has brought you to this page today, it’s something worth exploring — if not with me, definitely don’t stop the search until you’ve found someone to help you on this journey.


Why work with me?

That depends on YOU and what inspired you to be here now.


You might be…

  • Struggling with issues of focus and productivity — you maybe have already tried “everything” and nothing is working
  • Trying to find the ellusive “work/life balance” and looking for some help with it
  • Have ADHD or feel like you may have it and wonder if working with a coach who understands it will help you.
  • In a transition point in your life and are trying to find clarity — transition could be with a new career, new relationship or a change in either of those that has thrown you for a loop.
  • Interested in starting your own business, finding or creating a remote work opportunity or figuring out just how you can travel the world or live on your own terms with a lifestyle business.
  • Or … a little of all of the above. Welcome to “life coaching”… 😉


Often people find me due to one or more of the above… then as we get results together our work morphs into what’s needed for that new stage of life or they continue on their journey and reconnect along the way. My ultimate goal is to not create a dependence on me as a coach, but help you find that inner strength and wisdom while being a support and guide to you along the way where needed.

How we can work together

I offer a variety of ways to work together so you can get what you need from the experience.

Online Chat Coaching — This is an entry level way to create a connection with me as your coach that gives you insight on your goals, feedback on your process, direction and guidance for challenges that come up.

Individual Video / Phone Sessions — On Demand sessions you can book any time to go deeper into the coaching experience to get real-time insight and feedback on what’s important to you in order to gain clarity, tweak systems, deal with emotional intelligence that is needed to move forward.

Monthly Packages (Recommended) —  I’ve found in working with clients the best way to go deeply, keep momentum and get results is through working together over an extended period in a concentrated effort.   Weekly phone/video coaching sessions paired well with on-demand online chat coaching for accountability create the best environment for momentum.

Not sure what’s best for you?  Book an initial free coaching session and we’ll work together to figure it out.   If you often find yourself starting out well, getting stuck and then losing focus.  I’ve made the monthly packages the best value based on experience to help you have the best opportunity to make progress where a one-off call or text chat coaching alone can sometimes easily fall off your radar — meeting in person with your coach weekly for an in-depth session can help to bring the break through many of us are looking for.


New to Online Coaching?

If you are new to online coaching, you may have some questions about how this all can work and if it’s really effective. After multiple years of coaching over 200+ people from all walks of life on many of the things above, I can confidently say yes it works and thankfully a page full of testimonials you can read for yourself to back it up.

Still it’s important that with coaching you find a good fit, so I want to invite you to request a free initial session with me — this will be the best way to understand what coaching really is and see if it’s a good fit for you.


Request a Free Session

Request a free initial session

This is an opportunity to get to know each other BUT it’s not a sales call --- it's an actual coaching session, I’ve found the best way to know if working together will be a good fit is to jump on a call together and try it out.

Note: Absolutely no obligation to continue, if you enjoy the experience and want to continue you'll have some recommendations and options from me on how to do that.