Nathan Sudds

Life Coach; entrepreneur

Available for keynotes, podcasts, seminars, retreats, and conferences.

TOPICS: Focusmate, meditation, mindfulness and ADHD

I offer various keynote options centered around my expertise in

coaching, entrepreneurship, and ADHD.


As a digital nomad and entrepreneur who has lived and worked all over the world, I’ve

worked with hundreds of incredible professionals to achieve their goals and aspirations in

business and their personal lives. Often, my clients face unique struggles – sometimes

related to ADHD – that over the years I’ve learned to successfully coach as their advocate.

I can share real-life actionable examples of super-charged strategies to start-off or grow as

a life coach. I can also outline from personal expertise and outcomes formulas and

blueprints to optimize productively and happiness for adults diagnosed with or identifying

with ADHD.


My value comes from the results audience member achieve, not

from my time on stage or on a Zoom presentation. For that reason,

I always like working with you prior to your event identify specific

topics or goal of your conference or event and to learn what your

audience hopes to gain so I can plan and deliver accordingly.

The vast majority of my clients are repeats and referrals. Inner and

outer growth and developments doesn’t need to be a pain – that is why

I believe in engaging conversation and enjoying what we do with our

lives. I bring this same mindset to my keynotes. Call me to get an idea

of my personality.

Hi, I’m Nathan.

I’m an optimist who loves to solve problems for others; and, even more when that problem seems unsolvable. Nothing sets my mind going like a challenge. Like the time I met a guy running someone else’s business for peanuts, when he had the skills to be running his own show — how do I know that? Less than a year later, he’s doing it without looking back. Sometimes that challenge is just ourselves, getting out of our own way! Realizing my ADHD late in life put a whole mess of things in perspective for me personally, and I want to help others do the same with their challenges. Sure, I’m still easily distractible – but I’ve found a way to make it work for me (and those around me too.

This is me, on a call coaching a client remotely from Bali, Indonesia

Much of my work involves meaningful, goal-oriented conversations that are fun and incisive. These conversations are supportive and often focus on analyzing plans of attack to help my clients attain new heights of success and joy in their personal and professional lives.The best way to know if working together will be a good fit is to jump on a free call together and enjoy a conversation.