I began coaching with Nathan at a very busy time in my life, and he was understanding, encouraging, and supportive from the start even with my hectic schedule.
The fact that Nathan has ADHD himself is an important quality, because he can relate to this journey and I didn’t ever have to second-guess that he really knew where I was coming from.
I recommend a phone call to start with. It was a great way to clearly convey my goals and to express what has and hasn’t worked for me in the past. He also had the opportunity to gain a true and better picture of me as a person.
He was willing to support me in whatever way I felt was best for me. We came up with practical, immediate solutions, and discussed big picture attitudes and outlooks – wherever our conversations via phone calls or check-in happened to take us.
I can confidently say that Nathan’s coaching is a worthwhile investment. He is a kind, engaging person that will find a way to help you in a way that personally suits you.