What Others Are Saying About Working with Nathan

“Nathan is an excellent coach, very knowledgeable and caring and a great listener! You will learn all kinds of things with him even if you did not ask of it as his memory is incredible and he can point to different resources you can use in a snap!
Nathan was so very kind and responsive, even when I asked different questions that were outside of the goal that we worked on together as well. He encouraged me to view the different problems I was pondering with a different perspective, and he was very thorough in his responses! He was very clear and upfront in regards to his schedule.
A tip: Ask Nathan about his book recommendations for you, he will definitely have plenty. 🙂
Nathan is the definite experienced go-to for meditation, mindfulness, natural ADD and ADHD management, and writing 🙂 ”


“Nathan was the first coach I hired on Coach.me and it was more of an experiment to me with no big expectation on my side. But he managed to change my attitude in the first couple of days and it was extremely helpful.
I was struggling with a lack of focus and didn’t know what might help me – regular meditation practice just didn’t seem to work for me before and I felt like a nothing would help me. But Nathan introduced me to a few techniques I didn’t know about or just didn’t consider before. And it worked to my surprise. He was able to understand my case and apply relevant practices that were helpful to me.
Nathan is an easygoing and insightful coach and I definitely recommend him to everyone who is struggling with a lack of focus, ADHD or simply want to start or continue meditation practice.”


“Nathan is a very professional coach and he is really determined to work with you hard. Only with him, I felt that individual approach that I needed. I never received prepared in advance abstract text messages, but only clear responses, suggestions and ideas on how to make me really do what I am supposed to do. And although we have started to work on meditation (with Nathan I finally turned it into a habit), he gave me lots of other suggestions on health, work, languages, and many others at the same time.
I totally recommend Nathan, he is a great and competent coach.”


“Nathan is a great coach! He helped me to build a meditation habit in no time. From “Not knowing where to start” to a daily practice I don’t want to miss anymore his support and ideas helped me to add an important building block to my live.
Thanks, Nathan, for getting me on this path!”


“Nathan was excellent at getting be pack into my practice!”


“Nathan is a great coach! Very insightful and caring.”


“Nathan had lots of ideas and practical suggestions to help me deal with ADHD in the workplace and in everyday life! Super helpful, positive and kind!! Thanks again Nathan 🙂


“Knowledgeable and enthusiastic coach.”


“Nathan is an excellent coach who helped me establish a daily meditation habit and then steadily grew the habit until it became an indispensable part of my day. What used to be a chore is now something I look forward to doing and improving. Thanks!”


“Nathan has been very helpful!
We originally started working together to discuss meditation but have since then branched out to talk about productivity, focus, good habits, and more.
It is helpful for me to check in with Nathan to keep myself accountable and to get messages from him reminding me to stay on track with my good habits and goals!”


“Nathan Sudds is a delightful coach to work with. He is passionate, inspired, resourceful, well-informed and kind. His comments are insightful and encouraging, and in giving suggestions he applies a positive outlook that is contagious. This genie in my phone has raised the net positivity in my life. It is so helpful, as an adult living a creative life with ADD, to have someone sincerely rooting for your side on a daily basis. I am truly grateful.
NB. As a general word of advice to people learning to live with AD(H)D, inform yourself as much as you can, find someone to work with whom you have a good rapport, exchange experiences with fellow attention surplus benefitters and use the Coach.me app to help you achieve your goals and live a more productive life.
Nathan Sudds is a very good support and, with a broad view, I am sure he is excellent at coaching any number of other goals as well. I thoroughly recommend him. ”


“Nathan is very polite with great tips. He is positive and provides great prospectives.”


“Nathan helped me to make meditation my keystone habit, but that was not all that he did, Nathan listened to every concern that I had about whatever it was that I was working on. He shared resources, he checked in on me, and always had helpful ideas. He is a great coach that can help in all aspects of your life.”


“I began coaching with Nathan at a very busy time in my life, and he was understanding, encouraging, and supportive from the start even with my hectic schedule.
The fact that Nathan has ADHD himself is an important quality because he can relate to this journey and I didn’t ever have to second-guess that he really knew where I was coming from.
I recommend a phone call to start with. It was a great way to clearly convey my goals and to express what has and hasn’t worked for me in the past. He also had the opportunity to gain a true and better picture of me as a person.
He was willing to support me in whatever way I felt was best for me. We came up with practical, immediate solutions, and discussed big picture attitudes and outlooks – wherever our conversations via phone calls or check-in happened to take us.
I can confidently say that Nathan’s coaching is a worthwhile investment. He is a kind, engaging person that will find a way to help you in a way that personally suits you.”


“I loved working with Nathan these last few months!
I was, from no meditating to meditating every day, and now I’m about 70 days in a row, a number that I never thought I’d be capable of arriving.
It probably was one of the best experiences of my life, working with him, because I can now see the benefits of our relationship! 🙂
And now that I have reached my goal, it’s time to go to another one!”


“Nathan helped me with the goal 4 Weeks to an Organized Life with ADHD. He is a great coach. I’m a lot more organized thanks to his advice and motivation.”

Félix Hommy

“I was overwhelmed with how many things I need to get done as a mom, employee, investor, student, etc. I already had a system in place to track goals but was trying to fit myself into a traditional mold and be productive in a conventional sense.
Nathan helped me realize that as a person with ADHD, the way I work and get things done, although not as linear, is still pretty effective. He helped me with just learning to accept myself the way I am and embracing the benefits of ADHD.
I am a lot happier now and more cognizant of things that I am getting done. Thanks Nathan! 🙂 ”


“Currently I have been working with Nathan for about a few weeks and I don’t know what I would do without his support. I mean in just a few weeks, I’ve been able to change my ways of thinking by turning it into a positive, so that my mind can understand things better.
I am looking at the picture, applying his techniques and turning every negative thought and looking at it a different way. He has been there to help me sort out my thoughts, remind me that I should be meditating and has helped me to break ties with something that was hurting me daily… What I like that he shows ( besides his wisdom) is true compassion for his clients by going over and beyond.
I highly recommend Nathan to anyone that needs that extra push, help to sort out negative thoughts, meditation and to have someone there to encourage you. He also checks in daily and is always there when you need him. :)”


“In the first two weeks Nate has gone above and beyond my expectations by offering helpful insight, even on things outside of the scope of meditation and by really engaging through our messages to make a personal connection.
Of greatest benefit to my meditation practice are his gentle and consistent reminders, “Have you meditated today?”… ” If you haven’t meditated why not take some time and do that right now?”.
That’s what I really consider a good coach to be; one who consistently helps you define action and propel you to action.”


“Nathan was great to work with!
He was friendly and professional.
Since working with Nathan I have implemented a fantastic morning routine that has had a significant impact on my life.
Thanks Nathan!”


“Nathan is helping me work on my business 6 days a week.
So far I haven’t missed a day in over four months.
Along with keeping me on track, he has also given me timely advice that’s helped me forward with my business.
I highly recommend Nathan. He’s a cool guy and great coach.”


“Nathan has helped me define the habit of emptying my thoughts on paper in the morning which has brought tremendous clarity and progress.
As a coach, Nathan is warm, attentive with just enough challenge to move forward.
Can’t recommend Nathan highly enough.”


“Nathan was a blessing in my life. He has helped me to achieve the goal of daily meditation and waking up feeling refreshed every day. He is up to date with recent studies and very open-minded in trying new things. ”


“Nathan is a very friendly, patient and understanding coach. He listens attentively provides very insightful feedback. I made huge progress in life by following his advice. While being coached in meditation, I also learned a lot about business, well being, and self-improvement from Nathan.
Nathan keeps me in check and made sure that I continue to strive for my best all the time. When I slack off, he is there to make sure I get back on track in a non-intimidating way. I would strongly recommend Nathan to anyone serious about your goals. It will be well worth the time and money and more..”


“Nathan has been a very supportive, inspiring and generous coach. With his support, I have been able to make meditation and being mindful a part of my daily life, especially when dealing with difficult emotions, conflicts and criticism. Thank you!!!”


“It’s been a week working with Nathan and he’s helped me inculcate the practice of meditating every day. Nathan is a coach who walks the talk. As a regular meditation practitioner, Nathan uses his vast experience to add value to his clients. His insights are thought-provoking and practical. I highly recommend Nathan to anyone who wants to inculcate ‘meditation’ as a long-lasting habit.
More power and peace to Nathan! _/\_ (Namaste)”


“Nathan cares about his clients and he’s good to troubleshoot hacks with!”


“I was looking for a productivity coach as I struggle with working to my potential, and I came across Nathan. Nathan has ended up being so much more than a coach. He has a genuine curiosity in what you are dealing with and wants to help you work through it.
Through his process, he provides very practical suggestions as far as what you can do. He is open to candid feedback about how things are going with him.
He can help you define your goal specifically, and figure out how best to get you to take the first steps towards your goal.
Nathan can help you immediately with quick suggestions, but the real value of working with Nathan is over time, as he can help you work more deeply on your issues and work towards real change.”


“Nathan was very helpful and understanding willing to work with me on my goals and help me set good ones.  
Highly recommended!”


“Nathan is helping me to re-engage with my daily mindfulness practice and approach my struggles with focus and mental stamina in new ways. He’s given me concrete strategies to help me overcome avoidance and procrastination, and his positive, compassionate perspective helps to counteract that self-critical internal voice that can paradoxically make it so much harder to get back into good habits.
He’s clearly a problem-solver, a solution-finder, a passionate student of life, and a really kind human being. Working with him is incredibly energizing and rewarding!”


“Meditation…Nathan was very helpful in getting me started on a daily mediation routine.
Recommended good sites and literature…”


“My goal was to stick with an 8-week program using EFT for eyesight. I have had it for years and never could be consistent. I always ended up quitting. Today will be my 31st continuous day. Five weeks straight!
Nathan has helped me with enthusiasm, encouragement, and great advice. He talks with me about any of my goals or if I’m just having a bad day. I really feel he’s in my corner.
I started with 2 goals and now have about 12 – everything from taking out trash to tapping to exercising. I feel better about myself like I’m a person who accomplishes things. I’m having to go dig up my old goals/ dreams/ desires – now that I’m succeeding, now that I’m actually going to complete goals and need to replace them.
I cannot emphasize enough how much having a supportive coach has helped me. I had coach.me for 2 years prior and only used it once in a while. This is a game changer for me. I am getting the help I need and it’s opened up my world.”


“Nate was an excellent coach. Very insightful and ability to adapt to my personality quickly and find solutions when I was struggling with problems


He has this way of communicating that helps guide you and at the same time you feel like you are coming up with own solutions. Well worth the value.”


“Nathan gave me several good ideas about building habits to boost my freelancing business.”


“Nathan gave me several good ideas about building habits to boost my freelancing business.”


Nathan is a fantastic coach. He is calm and collected and helped me to really clarify what I wanted and helped me keep accountable to my goals.


He is also a digital nomad so if anyone is looking for entrepreneurial advice or travel advice you can get coaching on that too! Thanks a million Nathan 🙂

Thanks a million! Justin (Australia)

To put it simply I felt stuck in my career and self in many ways.


Nathan has been a kind and insightful coach making successful suggestions in both self-improvement and the necessary ideas \ decisions to build firm foundations for my creative life as an artist, designer & business builder again.


What I am most thankful for with the coaching with Nathan is having someone I trust and respect on my side who wants me to succeed and be happy.

Someone I Trust and Respect on My Side Mark Preston (UK)

Within a few minutes of our first call, I felt that he understood me and my challenges – and could offer advice and support that would be immediately useful.


Nathan is clever and funny, but he will not hesitate to point out areas of improvement or your blind spots. He did not hesitate to offer support during a particularly stressful time early on during our work together.


If you are looking for a coach to support you with tactical advice in managing ADHD or productivity challenges, or more holistic goals such as meditation or improved emotional intelligence, I highly recommend Nathan!

Nathan has made a tremendously positive impact on me in a very short amount of time Bob P. (USA)